Friday, July 8, 2011

Live radio interview with Richard Lindzen: "Scientists are in an awkward position on this one..."

On July 7, 2011, Ottawa radio host Denis Rancourt interviewed Richard Lindzen of MIT about the practice of global warming science. (Radio show HERE and download HERE.)

The interview provides one of the best descriptions of the mechanisms that drive unethical reporting by scientists...

How and why would even a 5 degree C warming be of concern?

Lindzen is "offended" that global warming was made into an "end-of-the-world issue".

As a former IPCC contributer, Lindzen dislikes the IPCC "spin" and opines that none of the IPCC scientific statements is alarming. "None of it points to alarm."

On the precautionary principle: "It's incoherent..."

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Anonymous said...

Lindzen is in an awkward position with this latest rebuttal of his theory about clouds...