Monday, December 15, 2014

CO2 will never determine geopolitics -- It's the other way around!

It's not complicated: CO2 has no effect, does not matter, and is irrelevant. [1]

It is a diversion meant to facilitate implementation of carbon-economy instruments of exploitation and control. [2] [3] [4]

The fight for environmental and resource-theft justice should not use a false argument, but instead should attack the actual problems: zero-democracy regarding resource theft, habitat destruction, pillaging by government-aided financiers and a certain global military empire, etc. [3] [4]

That the increase in atmospheric CO2 causally threatens habitats, bio-diversity, and life on earth is a baseless and impossible geo-physical conspiracy theory that serves true geo-political conspiracies. Scientists (except some) are led by their peer-reviewed noses to wherever the the ruling class wants [5]. (What? There's a "ruling class"?) (See Noble on "peer review". [6])

Furthermore, to think that geo-environmental CO2-emissions politics could ever somehow curtail exploitation and environmental harm is a paid-for fantasy as unreal as anything Disney could produce.

The actual purpose of geo-environmental CO2-emissions politics, as manipulated by the dominant global empire, can only be to serve that empire and its ruling class, irrespective of environmental and human consequences, and irrespective of negative impacts on the US domestic economy and the domestic economies of US allies.

For a current keyhole-look at what is really going on consider this article by war-correspondent and sociologist Mahdi Darius Nazemroaya:

Oil Prices and Energy Wars: The US Empire of “Frack” versus Russia [fast-link] [source-link]

Dream-on folks.

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