Friday, November 20, 2015

It's non-stop -- The climate change paradigm received infinite resources, like light from the sun


From the dystopian to the optimistic, from college students to Pulitzer Prize winners, LETTERS TO THE FUTURE--a national effort to encourage people from all walks of life to write six generations into the future about climate change-- generated original reflections on what has been called the greatest challenge facing the planet.
The campaign puts a spotlight on the importance of world leaders agreeing to a global climate treaty in Paris. Dozens of celebrated public figures joined in drafting letters to future generations of their own families, predicting the success or failure of the Paris talks. Hundreds of letters from the public continue to be posted at
LETTERS TO THE FUTURE is a collaborative independent media project will reach more than 20 Million readers in print and online. The project was orchestrated out of the offices of the Sacramento News & Review and sponsored by the Association of Alternative Newsmedia and The Media Consortium.
To date, LETTERS TO THE FUTURE has attracted letters
…From writers across North America
Jane Smiley, Author, Pulitzer Prize Winner
West America was once a beautiful place—not the parched desert landscape that it is now. Where you see abandoned, flooded cities, we saw smooth beaches and easy waves.
T.C. Boyle, Author, Winner of PEN/Faulkner Award, Finalist for the National Book Award
At least you don’t have to worry about abattoirs, piggeries, feed lots, bovine intestinal gases and the like—or, for that matter, the ozone layer, which would have been long gone by the time you started walking on two legs.” (T.C. Boyle wrote his LETTER TO THE FUTURE to… rats.)
Kim Stanley Robinson, Author, Nebula and Hugo Award Winner
Dear Great-Great-Grandchildren, I’ve been worried about you for a long time. But recently I’ve seen signs that we might give you a better result. At this moment the issue is still in doubt. But a good path leading from me to you can be discerned.
…as well as performing artists
Nitanju Bolade Casel, Member of the Grammy Award-Winning Troupe Sweet Honey in the Rock
Please know that there were also visionaries who worked endlessly for positive changes in this world—changes to benefit the many, not just the few; you may have to do the same.
David Harrington, Violinist, Artistic Director, Kronos Quartet
All those who object to the unsurvivable situation humanity faces must mobilize every available resource to circumvent dire shortsightedness.
…To those active in the world of politics
Annie Leonard, Story of Stuff and Exec Director, Greenpeace USA
“Paris … paved the way for an era of unprecedented innovation, as entrepreneurs and academics fine-tuned the best ways to harness the unlimited power of our wind, waves and sun.”
U.S. Sen. Harry Reid, United States Senator from Nevada
You deserve a chance to experience the beautiful world that I grew up in. ... The idea that our actions could jeopardize your future was simply unbearable.
Bill McKibben, Author, Educator and Environmentalist
By the time the great Paris climate conference of 2015 rolled around, many of us were inclined to cynicism.
Sen. Kevin de León, President Pro Tempore, CA State Senate
This fight is larger than me, larger than any industry, state or nation. It’s about you and the future of your family.
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