Tuesday, October 22, 2019

Tony Heller's Incisive 20-minute video unpacking climate-scientist incompetence

Superb recent video by Tony Heller: "Basic Science For Climate Scientists".

Heller is correct to point out that modelers are detached from the real world, and that virtually none of the "climate scientists" know or understand radiation transfer physics.

I reviewed all the statements regarding the radiation physics. Although the language does not use precise technical expressions, all the positions expressed in the video are correct, to my eyes. I find no error of physics.

One statement in the video borders on incorrect: "The upward infra-red is absorbed by greenhouse gases, thus the atmosphere warms and you get the greenhouse effect." That is almost too much of an over-simplification. Actually, resonant absorption and re-mission of the IR photon by a greenhouse-effect-active molecule does not itself warm the atmosphere. There is both resonant re-emission (temperature-independent) and blackbody emission (temperature-dependent) of IR from the atmosphere. But that is technical detail, taken into account in radiation transfer models...

Note: I think portraying Arrhenius as some crank is unjustified. Arrhenius was a brilliant scientist in many areas, and was the first to set down the concept of a planetary atmospheric Greenhouse effect, which was largely correct and very insightful. I have used his "Arrhenius law" of barrier-crossing rates many times in my own fundamental research.

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