Monday, July 26, 2010

George Marshall is saddened by Climate Guy's outspoken position on climate change

From: George Marshall
Date: Mon, Jul 26, 2010 at 12:34 PM
Subject: attn Denis Rancourt re climate change
To: Denis Rancourt via

Dear Dr Rancourt,

I am saddened by your outspoken position on climate change.

I and many of my colleagues in COIN share your progressive politics . We have specialised in working with trades unions, human rights, refugee and asylum organisations. We also have a critical analyses of the environmentalists and see climate change as primarily a resource and social justice issue.

However I would like to point out:

Firstly that climate change is not just an environmentalist issue. To label is as such whilst conveniently denouncing environmentalists is slopping thinking. As you know very well, concerns about climate change are spread very widely across the political spectrum. You are no doubt also very well aware that the some of people keenest to champion your views- in particular Senator Inhofe and his former staffer Marc Morano, are deeply rooted in the far right of the Republican party.

Secondly I would urge you to talk to intelligent and independently minded scientists on this. I have many criticisms of the IPCC and there are lots of issues. However it is also clear that the evidence for the increase in greenhouse gas levels, the significant and continuing increase in temperatures is very sound, as is the link between the two.

Speaking personally I am no fool and make up my own mind on issues, but having worked in this issue for ten years now, having met many of the leading scientists and having fervently wished that it was not as serious as people made out (contrary to the ludicrous conspiracy theories most people working in this field would be very happy to be out of work) I have seen no reason yet for doubting that this is a godawful mess. We need every right thinking person on side working with us.


George Marshall,
Director of Projects,
Climate Outreach Information Network

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The Climate Outreach and Information Network is a charitable trust formed in 2004 to directly engage the public about climate change, COIN inspires lasting changes in attitudes and behaviours through the use of innovative action learning methods and by assisting people to communicate their own messages to their peers. Charity registration number 1123315


Herman Dost said...

You're out to lunch, George. The number of scientists becoming aware of the climate change hoax is increasing by the day, and none too soon. There is no consensus, there is no "overwhelming evidence", on the contrary, the issue has been falling apart ever since the motley CRU emails.

Anonymous said...

So George, in this youtube clip, is actually trying to associate AGW-skeptics with west-europeans who where looking away, when the loaded trains drove to Germany, during the second world war?

Dr Michael Cejnar said...


I am scientist working in a high integrity science field of Medical device industry, subject to FDA oversight.

There there are two grades of research -
1. Academic research - supported by peer review only.
2. Regulated research - supported by peer review and audited by an independent regulator, such as the FDA of FAA, and mandated where public safety is involved.

AGW affects public safety at least as much as a headache tablet (certainly the trillions of dollars involved make it as corruptible as drug companies).

Academic grade research, with its personalities, group think and biases is thus completely inadequate - as even the warmist Economist has recently discovered.

Please realize that basing global public policy on just peer reviewed data, with uncontrolled and lost data, and unvalidated models is completely absurd to us.

You could not approve a suntan lotion with such data.

Name me one climate scientist who understand Quality standards ISO13485 or even ISO9001. They are a bunch of academic amateurs.

Many well meaning people have suckered by this CAGW phenomenon - for financial, political and ideological reasons. Its time we either let it quietly die - as most governments are doing, or re-do the science with Regulated research.

Dr Michael Cejnar

Anonymous said...

'Right-thinking' is the give-away phrase! I posted on to the effect that we need to tackle the psychology of the climate change issue. George labelled me as a 'denier.'

George is a 'polar-ator' – 'We' understand; you don't. You must conform to our model because we understand and you don't.

It's a circular logic. The Georges are the problem. The point is not whether The Georges are right or wrong. The point is . . . read my posts at the above site.

Mark Blair, Rocky Gully, W.A., 6397

P.s.: Thank you for that snippet of information, Dr. Cejnar. It provides a hitherto unknown basis for analysis.

Anonymous said...

Hi, guys. It's January 2011. I have been checking out George Marshall's C.O.I.N charity and related sites. It's truly lopsided. 'Ayatollah George' is what someone else called him. I left a post suggesting that genuinely interested gather here for discussion, which sho ain't happenin' around George!!

Mark Blair