Friday, March 13, 2015

It's about the geopolitics stupid!

By Denis Rancourt

CO2-alarmism is fabricated by the Empire for domestic consumption. Service intellectuals dutifully gobble it up and adopt and project it.

The global legislative instruments of carbon control that are being implemented at breakneck speed in Empire-controlled jurisdictions have nothing to do with "saving the planet" and everything to do with global dominance and predation, in the same way that the World Bank has nothing to do with altruist "development".

"Peak oil" theorists and CO2-alarmists tend to disregard that the Earth is a "planet", not a fragile organism in a precarious micro-habitat, but a "planet".

As a recent example, which allows a view of the underlying geopolitical driving forces, THIS ARTICLE (reading between the lines) explains part of the mechanism whereby oil/gas are a viable USA geopolitical weapon against Russia, and China by extension. Briefly, new-era US production capacity allows the Empire to crash oil prices, using subservient Saudi Arabia, in order to bring Russia down, without itself suffering anything much.

Another consequence is that the Empire's ongoing implementation of "carbon economy" global instruments of coercion and control must deal with resistance from a new array of "small" domestic shale-oil producers, until these are monopolized and fully integrated.

Dr. Denis G. Rancourt is a former tenured and Full Professor of physics at the University of Ottawa, Canada. He is known for his applications of physics education research (TVO Interview). He has published over 100 articles in leading scientific journals, in the areas of spectroscopy, condensed matter physics, and environmental science. He has written several social commentary essays. He is the author of the book Hierarchy and Free Expression in the Fight Against Racism.

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