Tuesday, November 3, 2015

It was obvious! The coal will not be left in the ground

By Denis G. Rancourt

In my February 2007 essay "Gobal Warming: Truth or Dare?" I predicted:

"In this world, before renewable sources become the new basis of global economic extortion, oil exploration will be extended to every sensitive ecosystem on the globe and the world’s massive coal reserves will be liquefied and gasified. There are enough coal reserves to keep the wheels of corporate exploitation turning for another 1000 years or so at the present rate."

Today Reuters reported:

"[I]n Asia alone this year power companies are building more than 500 coal-fired plants, with at least a thousand more on planning boards. Coal is not only cheaper than natural gas, it is often available locally and has no heavy import costs."

This occurs as the US is attempting to use carbon panic (global "climate mitigation") as coercion to impede and exploit the emergence of BRICS et al., with the overly enthusiastic collaboration of too many American and European middle-class citizens who irrationally fear a planetary collapse induced by atmospheric CO2.

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