Wednesday, April 5, 2017

How to win the war against CO2-alarmism and the link to actual war

By Denis Rancourt, PhD
Dr. Ball makes some very good and valid points but I do not agree with his main conclusion that winning the war against CO2-alarmism is about clear and tactically informed communication regarding underlying basic science in a historical perspective.

Rather, the "war" is mainly one that involves government, corporate (including media), and professional-career overarching driving forces. These forces exploit resonances with individual psychology but no amount of clear communication about the science can change that.

The way to win the war is via cultural transitions where the establishment science enterprise is seen for what it is (part of the establishment order dominated by globalism) and thus loses all credibility on questions of globalist policies.

This is achieved a la Trump, in the same way that victories in the areas of political correctness have been achieved. The new radicalism that is youthful anti-feminism (anti-academic-dominance-of-what-a-woman-is, led by young women vloggers), the MRM (men's rights movement), the anti-CO2-alarmism movement putting priorities on good jobs and middle-class security instead of elite-class globalism, and so on. Those are the cultural movements that win the war against elite globalist management.

These movements are connected to the emerging phenomena of Brexit, Trump, anti-immigration, Frexit, Finexit, Libertarianism, … and to the emergence of the multi-polar world (emergence of Eurasia, BRICS, …), with the increasing threats to the global US-petro-dollar. 

Warmism is a creation of globalism. It is also a powerful instrument of the globalists. Downfall or resetting of globalism (i.e., exploitation by a US-based global elite: IMF, UN, etc.), to the benefit of nationalism (US and other) and national democracy is what wins the war against the baseless CO2-alarmism mantra.
In that sense, the war against CO2-alarmism is being fought in the real war theaters (Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya, Syria, Yemen) where world public and diplomatic opinion is increasingly rejecting globalist war and regime-change agendas. The war machine and its industry is understood, more and more, to be a real threat against freedom (both national and individual), to the extent that the dominant war machine (USA and NATO) is shown to fail and to produce disastrous blowback for the allied partners. National sovereignty (independence from globalist hegemony) is a threat to globalism. Therefore these real battlefields will, in the long term, determine if we are completely ruled by the globalist mind rot that is maintained by their service intellectuals. 


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