Saturday, April 1, 2017

Best evidence that "climate science" is a scam

These days, the phrase "climate science" in-effect means the dominant science-establishment position that an industrial-era CO2-driven global warming is having or will have large negative consequences.

The best evidence that "climate science" is a scam is the full recent congressional deposition of leading catastrophic-warming guru Michael E. Mann, giving his best arguments as to why everyone should take the "97% consensus" seriously.

These are the man's best arguments... There is no substitute for the full video:

Pathetic really. Mann is his own worst enemy.

His errors in logic, not to mention his utter lack of tact and self-restraint, were flagrant.

His argument that science is not just an in-group of careerists since the leading journal Nature looks for new things to report, and since scientists have vigorous debates about commas, is straight out of a land where history does not repeat itself, and where the best world is the one that works best for Mann.

In fact, if Nature was about science, then it would (1) accept papers that refute what it publishes, and even actively seek out such papers, (2) force all authors to publicly disclose all their raw data and treatment algorithms for others to examine, (3) abandon its "popularity among leaders in the field" review practice, and (4) publish rather than block critical reviews of its content. Nature, like many journals, is a for-profit publication that is a parasite on institutional funding.

Scientist like Mann who rely on the fallacy of appeal to authority and who cannot bring themselves to present their strongest evidence in a cogent and respectful manner, do not deserve to be funded, as they provide no useful service to humanity.

Hopefully, there are too many independent thinking scientists (3% or so) in the USA for the government and its agencies to continue this insane and useless careerist exercise of exploiting the collective-fear-mobbing reaction of our human nature.

Repeated false-fear mobbing is costly to a society and has to have rational constraints. An adjustment was in order.

Someday soon, the petro-dollar will crash and there will be no room for the luxury of scam science. There is a dangerous degradation of middle-class USA and that needs to be addressed to avoid a collapse of the empire. The crazy fluff of the urban professional classes cannot be sustained much longer because it causes dangerous brain rot. Just look at the chaos of USA foreign policy and the USA's apparent structural inability to recognize its real long and middle-term vulnerabilities. Students and thinkers are drowning in a sea of stupidity.


Unknown said...

The only thing missing is SOLID, UNDENIABLE, IRREFUTABLE modern science based EVIDENCE.
Yet, that doesn't seem to stop politicians to spend BILLIONS of taxpayer dollars on something NEVER PROVEN!
Go figure ...

PADRAEG said...

The best evidence that "climate cooling" is fraudulent is twice blesst; 1- Direction of change varies every new decate; 2- zealots try to censor ALL who disagree.

Martha Ball said...

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Kaudo Basil said...

Nope, climate change is a phenomenon with uncertain predictability. Environmental simulations have to bring variant results in real world owing to divergent factors which alter world's climate.climate science is not a hoax.