Saturday, April 22, 2017

March for Science: Warmists Out in the Cold

Career scientists who have built their careers by stacking up warmism peer-reviewed papers (emphasis on "peer") suddenly find themselves out in the cold.

Some of theses establishment scientists have decided to participate in an irrelevant public display to give the impression of pushing back against funding cuts aimed against the structural scientific bias of warming alarmism, instead of using their professional and institutional channels within the governance structure. Pathetic.

For decades they sleep walked into whatever funding programs were offered by government, without a peep, and now the thought that warmism will be exposed to have been a scam (when the species is not extinguished by their research being terminated) makes them uneasy enough to join the protest culture. Historic.

March for Science? This is embarrassing. Establishment scientists are mostly morons and many are not afraid to show it.

A slogan from the Toronto march: "What do we want? Science. When do we want it? After peer review."

Useful imbeciles. That would require, among other things, not wanting any of Albert Einstein's science. Just saying.

They might as well have chanted: "What do we want? Government-funding-directed junk-justifications produced by careerists. When do we want it? After we are certain that it follows the dogma and does not make anyone look bad."

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