Tuesday, October 1, 2019

Dear true environmentalists: Fight corporate criminality, not CO2

Dear true environmentalists: I am with you. Corporate pollution and releasing of toxic substances should be treated as a criminal act, with full power to seize assets for reparations, actual reparations, not just punitive fines. I would apply the same standard of prosecution to the "medical"/pharma and agri-food industries, also.

But: The planet and biosphere are not at risk of imminent collapse, and certainly not from CO2. The planet is, well, a planet, with huge response capabilities. It is far far more resilient and robust than you imagine. Habitat destruction and industrial practices are grotesque, and these cause real and significant harm to human communities and ecosystems, but "warming" itself cannot hurt the biosphere or humans, nor is the planet at risk of "collapse" from all the criminal practices. That is fabricated nonsense.

Our joint efforts should be on justice, attaining actual democracy, the elimination of criminal behaviour, enforcement of reparations, enforcement of corporate transparency and accountaility... The problem is human behaviour against humans and nature, and the solutions are political. Nothing to do with CO2 in the atmosphere.

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